June 5, 2014: What’s the deal with Archie Andrews?

Published June 26, 2017 by kitlat

And now there’s Riverdale the tv series. I can say that in MY version of the Archie Universe, Valerie would never be in a relationship with a loser like Archie.

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Seriously?  What the heck is going on here?  Last time I read I checked in on the gang from Riverdale, these were the type of shenanigans they were getting into:

1And then, somewhere along the line, things took a darker turn for Archie Andrews (or, one could argue, a lighter turn for Frank Castle) and we got this:

ArchiePunisherSuddenly, our Archie had grown up.  Instead of just hanging around Pop Tate’s Pop Shoppe or toying with Betty and Veronica’s emotions, he was suddenly running afoul of crazed, gun-toting vigilantes…

Archie Punisher 2And then, eventually, after 67 years of straddling the fence, Archie finally made up his mind and decided between Betty and Veronica choosing…

archie-124e2b81f85e803af3cb83c8e11d4bbc14b6589f-s6-c30The bad girl.  So decided – FINALLY – he married Veronica…

1Or, wait, maybe it was Betty…

1Or both of those stories took place in an alternate universe so he could continue dating both in addition to her…

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