The Women’s Olympics

Published August 25, 2016 by kitlat

Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I will tell anyone who;ll listen that women athletes get very little love unless it’s a situation that enhances US athletic supremacy via a male coach or trainer and when women don’t win, because sometimes that does happen, it’s like you never existed or it’s a “See, told you that women were a waste of time. They can’t do anything.”

I often tell the story of how when the US Women’s Hockey team won silver in Sochi 2014, many of the male anchors wrote off the women and talked about how that was why the it was a waste of time. I mean the US Men’s team was going to win. They were going to win gold. The US women were only good enough to get silver. So if you watched the US Men’s Hockey team’s run in Sochi, you know that they DID NOT win gold. Canada did. They also did not get the bronze. They went home with NOTHING. In each of their knockout rounds, they could not get the job done. I found it interesting to note that many of the stars in the NHL are mostly from Canada and Finland, leaving the US team with the others. So for all their talk, attention, bluster and derision, The US Men’s team could get the job done and came home with nothing. The US Women’s team worked hard, gave it their all, didn’t put down the men and came away with a silver for her troubles.

Unfortunately this did not result in the kind of support they should have-especially for their budding pro league. Not only were the games NOT televised in most markets, the only time there was any news about the NWHL was in connection to raising money for a player that had a freak accident during the women’s hockey portion of the Winter Classic, which again was not televised.

And yes I know that the Holy Quad did not become as lucrative and as powerful as they are overnight. However, the women’s league are just asking for basic equity and respect.

Media Diversified

by Christienna Fryar

One of the prominent Cassandra stories leading into the Rio Olympics was the decision some famous male athletes took to skip the Games. Most notably in golf, with luminaries like Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth opting to spend their summers elsewhere.

However, the panic around these absences was based upon a false assumption about what the Olympics’ purpose and value is; that it’s there to showcase the best male athletes in the world’s most popular sports. It’s a showcase of nationalism, to be sure, which can be a troublesome aspect of this sporting orgy. However, the pre-competition laments also made brief, but telling, caveats for women’s golf, which had lost fewer competitors and needed the spotlight the Games provides a lot more than their male peers.

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the Olympics are an exhibition of the sports that usually receive…

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