Gabby Douglas Did Not Need To Be Discarded For Simone Biles To Succeed

Published August 25, 2016 by kitlat

Not only do I completely agree with everything in this article, I would also add that Simone herself was treated shabbily in the midst of her glory. What I mean by that is the fact that whenever Simone’s success in the All-Around was reported, there was always mention of Aly Raisman who won the Silver. It was a weird coupling, as if to say that as awesome as Simone is, don’t worry we have someone acceptable that whites can aspire to be like in the person of Aly Raisman. In the interviews, et. al it just seemed odd that Simone and Aly were always interviewed together-always coupled in a way I’ve never seen before. When Carly Patterson and Nastia Lukin won, they didn’t do interviews with the Silver medalists-their names weren’t coupled, along with their achievements.

Media Diversified

We cannot encourage a culture where only one member of a marginalised group is reserved a platform

by Chan Riley

The public spotlight can often be cruel towards those aiming for success. In these Olympics, it has been particularly cruel for gymnast, Gabby Douglas.

Douglas was thrust into the public consciousness after her winning display at London 2012. At 16, she was the first black woman to win the individual all-around gymnastics title.

11424267Despite the figurative and literal dizzying heights she reached, her success was not met without controversy.

Most notably, hurtful comments were made about her hair. Details of what seemed to be a difficult relationship with her father were made public. She spoke up about the racial bullying she endured whilst at a her former gym, and was criticised for even mentioning it.

Jump forward to Rio 2016, and it appears Douglas has a…

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