Let’s Talk about Reba McClane

Published August 14, 2015 by kitlat

I’m not gonna lie-I actually prayed when I saw her with the serial killer that he wouldn’t eat her literally. Glad that she survived another day.


Okay, I need to talk about Reba McClane.

I don’t know if you watch NBC’s Hannibal. Hell, I’d stopped watching four episodes into Season One. I have a low threshold for gore no matter how high the production values are. But I’m back on board for the second half of Season Three. Reba McClane is the reason why.

Rutina in white

Casting Rutina Wesley in the role is nothing short of genius. Her performance is such a breath of fresh air, not only for a show mired in death, darkness and psychopathology but for beleaguered Black women TV viewers everywhere. Wesley plays Reba with a hint of innocence, naivete and open-hearted sweetness that we never see in Black women characters on any screen. After six years of playing the burdened Tara Thornton on True Blood, watching Wesley be so relatively carefree is a joy to behold.

I know it’s a huge…

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