An Interview With Gerald S. O’Loughlin

Published August 10, 2015 by kitlat

So I was introduced to “The Rookies” as a kid, when it rerun on an independent station and it was the thing along with “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” that I had to get through to watch “Whiz Kids” and the “Invaders”. As I watched it, I liked it more and more. I would learn that the guy that I like in the mini series “The Blue and the Gray” and that did that great prison scene in Five-O was Gerald O’Loughlin, who played the guv on “The Rookies.” He died at the age of 93 this year and this is an awesome interview that was done with him.

The Classic TV History Blog

One of the the twentieth century’s great faces, Gerald S. O’Loughlin traversed the usual postwar character actor’s path: study under legendary acting teachers, Broadway and live television experience, middle-aged pilgrimage toward movies and filmed television on the West Coast.  If you don’t know him from his regular roles in The Rookies or Our House, then you’ll remember him from guest-leads in a few hundred television episodes or supporting parts in films like In Cold Blood, Ice Station Zebra, and The Organization.

Short, stocky, balding, and with an unmistakably Noo Yawk-tinged voice, O’Loughlin (pronounced O-LOCK-lin) was a casting director’s blue-collar dream.  His curriculum vitae is full of cops, hoodlums, jailbirds, GIs.  Though many of these characters were tough guys – O’Loughlin himself was a marine lieutenant during the war and then the occupation of Japan, and not shy about pointing that out – some had a more…

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